Oh Peace, Oh Peace, Where Art Thou Inner Peace?

Do you ever sit down after or even during a confrontation to analyze your emotions? I have, and most times, I come up with….

~ I’m mad!

~ I’m angry!

~ I want to curse them out!

~ I want to put my hands on them!

….I felt this way before I found my mental peace!!

Anger will have you blocking your blessings if you’re a Christian, or manifesting negative situations into the universe. It is a toxic feeling that disrupts your inner peace.

This blog will discuss how I found my mental peace, and I want to offer some tips and strategies that'll assist you in finding your inner peace.

1st Things 1st

You must be able to understand what inner peace is, and you must acknowledge ways that your inner peace is being disrupted. Definition.net states that the meaning of inner peace is, “a state of being mentally and spiritually at peace, with enough knowledge and understanding to keep oneself strong in the face of discord or stress.”

I absolutely and whole-heartedly agree with this definition of inner peace.

In layman’s terms, I give the meaning of inner peace as not allowing anyone, anything, or any situation the opportunity to raise your emotional anger and/or thoughts; being able to be unbothered during stressful events.

We all know that this is a difficult transition, but we do understand that it is a possible transition.

As stated earlier, you must be able to understand and also acknowledge how your inner peace is being disrupted. Let us list few well-known and blatant life situations or "peace breakers" that can interrupt your inner peace:

1. Dealing with an Overbearing Supervisor.

2. Not Being Able to Pay Your Bills on Time.

3. Trying to Accept Your Spouse’s Lack of Responsibility.

4. Attempting to Work with Your Child’s Misbehavior.

5. Dealing with a Malfunctioning Car.

6. Dealing with a Friend or Family Member’s Negative Comments.

7. Being Around Someone who has Caused You Harm.

The above examples are most prominent in making you aware that your mental peace is being disturbed. You automatically get a rising anger feeling in your chest. Some people even catch headaches when dealing with these types of situations. These are very important examples, and we will go over ways to maintain your inner peace when dealing with these types of situations.

BUT, I also want to go over some not so straight forward situations "Peace breakers" that don’t always smack you in the face to make you aware that your inner peace is being bothered. Being able to acknowledge the more concealed or inconspicuous situations contributes to being able to handle the larger, and sometimes, most impactful situations.

Here are a few inconspicuous situations to be mindful of:

1. Being Able to Forgive but not Forget.

2. Ignoring Your Sadness.

3. Having a Judging or Jealous Spirit.

4. Having an Offensive Mindset.

The above situations are at most times, our personal thoughts, and that’s how we deal with them…. inside our heads!!! These thoughts are not always shared with other people, which makes it more difficult for us to acknowledge how they disrupt our inner peace. A lot of times, we brush off these types of thoughts and sometimes, we don’t even realize that we’re having these thoughts. They are really part of us; we don’t think about how they negatively affect us.

These thoughts are the most difficult to battle!! These are thoughts we must attack to find our inner peace!!

Disclaimer: Dealing with personal thoughts and feelings can sometimes trigger mental conditions. It may be a good idea to seek professional therapy when you decide to deal with your personal thoughts. If you begin to feel overwhelmed while walking through the steps of finding your inner peace, STOP! AND SEEK PROFESSIONAL ASSISTANCE TO WALK YOU THROUGH FINDING YOUR INNER PEACE.

6 Steps to Finding Your Inner Peace

1. Acknowledge what inner peace is. You must first agree that maintaining your inner peace is being able to deal with stressful events and environments without reacting in a stressful manner.

2. Understand that it takes time to master this lifestyle. You must understand that finding your inner peace will not happen overnight, over the course of week or a month, or a year sometimes.

3. Determine what types of situations disturb your inner peace. Keep a journal with you, and any time you feel like you’re angry and/or annoyed, write it down. Write down exactly what happened and how it made you feel.

4. Affirm yourself. As soon as you notice that you’re upset about something, anything, affirm yourself. Motivate yourself and encourage yourself. One of my favorite affirmations is, “I am calm, I am at peace, and I am in control.”

5. Meditate on your situations. Find a peacefully quiet place where you can meditate on the situations you have written down, and speak to yourself. Tell yourself exactly how you could’ve dealt with your situation while feeling peaceful.

6. Repeat these steps over and over again!!!!

These are the steps I followed to find my inner peace. Trust me, I had to start over so many times before I actually GOT IT!!

Don’t get discouraged! If you have to start over, JUST DO IT!! What matters is that you’re trying, and YOU are working towards living your best life!!

Come back and visit me as I would like to share with you how I found and maintain my inner peace. See ya 😉

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